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Double Dragon Publishing June 2002

Contains Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos Tales:

"The Spine"
"Whipping Boy"
"The Man Who Would Be King"
"If You Go Down to the Woods Today..." (With Per J. Okerstrom)
"Cat House"
"Helping Hand"
"The Suit"
"There Was an Old Lady..."
"The Colloquoy of Demoiselle & Hastur"
"Spitting in Niagara Falls"
"The Court of Two Lions"
"Swimming Pool"
"The Treaders of Time"
"Best Friends"
"Black Sun"
"Waking Dream"
"The Other Woman"
"They Never Knew"
"If You Want to Leave a Message..."
"The Faces"
"At the Sound of the Tone..."
"Shower Demons"
"Night Vision"
"A Thing Called Love"
"The Book of the Black Sun"
"Tender Hearts"
"The Songs of Madness"