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Features my story "Such Bitter Business"

What Dennis Kriesel  said about my story:

"Such Bitter Business," by G. W. Thomas, follows a book collector after a rare book. This book is an evil magic book, and this book collector carries a gun, knows magic, and is pursuing an alien slug-creature that can take over bodies. Does this sound weird to you? It is, but believe it or not, it works. Thomas blends healthy doses of horror, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and thriller together to make a fascinating read. This has the flair and feel of detective noir, right down to the first-person narration. Thomas provides enough detail to let the reader know what's going on, but resists putting in so much that the story drags. A great balance of genres so smooth you'd think it happens all the time, Thomas provides something unique and original. Read this story; it's my second-favorite in the anthology."

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