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Simple: Genre fiction under 100 wrds. Nothing else. Reprints are fine as long as you own the rights.


FLASHSHOT is not a paying market. But there are good reasons to submit. You will receive a blurb under your story in which you can promote whatever books or publications you like. Also, when FLASHSHOT has reached the magic number of 500 daily issues, your story will be collected into a huge 50,000 wrd. ebook and sold. Contributors to FLASHSHOT 1 will be PAID a percentage of the total royalities. (So it pays to be in there often.)

Send all stories to the email addy below (


1. "Spinister" by G. W. Thomas
2. "Creator' by G. W. Thomas
3. "Florida Road Trip" by Chris Ambrose
4. "Captive Audience" by G. W. Thomas
5. "What Street Do You Live On?" by Jerry Vilhotti
6. "Everybody Wins" by G. W. Thomas
7. "Ambassador" by G. W. Thomas
8. "Snow-blind" by Chris Ambrose
9. "The Treat" by S. Joan Popek
10. "The Recent Rash of Computer Malfunctions" by G. W. Thomas
11. "Mutual Agreement" by Ken Goldman
12. "Cyberspace's Infinity" by T. N. Thomas
13. "Litany of the Dead" by G. W. Thomas
14. "Face of Clay" by Michael Arnzen
15. "Last Contact" by Chris Ambrose
16. "Moonshine & Fiddlesticks" by G. W. Thomas
17. "Mother of All Invention" by T. N. Thomas
18. "Scorcher" by Chris Ambrose
19. "ER" by Mark Orr
20. "Idol" by Allen McGill
21. "Poacher" by Chris Ambrose"
22. "Canines" by Michael Arnzen
23. "Gas Giant" by Chris Ambrose
24. "Yer Cheatin' Heart" by G. W. Thomas
25. "The Zombie" by Queenie Tirone
26. "Strange Encounter" by Esther Schrader
27. "Roundabout" by Chris Ambrose
28. "Unamused" by Christopher Winters
29. "New Age of Poetry" by T. N. Thomas
30. "A Woman of Distinction" by G. W. Thomas
31. "Cold Hearted Woman" by Dorian Williams
32. "Velvet Darkness" by Kat Yares
33. "Gasp" by Michael Arnzen
34. "Nano-Hunk II" by G. W. Thomas
35. "Unjust Rewards" by Chris Ambrose
36. "Food Poisoning" by Nicholas Knight
37. "Alien Autopsy" by Nick Aires
38. "Life Pod" by Roger Range
39. " In the Cafeteria of the Shady Rest Seniors Complex" by Cathy Buburuz
40. "A Time Machine Red Lines" by Stephen D. Rogers
41. "Miniature Sun" by Amy Grech
42. "Mirror, Mirror" by Chris Ambrose
43. "Revenge of the Mummy" by Michael Arnzen
44. "Revenge" by Gary West
45. "Kaleidoscope" by G. W. Thomas
46. "Tidal Drift" by Christopher Winters
47. "A Table Set For Two" by Chris Ambrose
48. "The Magic in the Bones" by Stephen D. Rogers
49. "Recipe For Revenge" by Nick Andreychuk
50. "A Visitor in the Night" by Nick Aires
51. "Give the Finger This Holiday Season" by Stephen D. Rogers
52. "Christmas Party" by G. W. Thomas
53. "Holiday Shopping, After Hours" by Chris Ambrose
54. "Little Stocking Stuffers" by Micahel Arnzen
55. "Some Assembly Required" by Mark Orr
56. "Blessed Are They" by Chris Ambrose
57. "Silver Bells" by Chris Ambrose
58. "Many Happy Returns" by Chris Ambrose
59. "What Do You See?" by G. W. Thomas
60. "A Wide Spot In the Road" by William P. Robertson
61. "Star Light" by Esther Schrader
62. "Friday the Thirteenth" by G. W. Thomas
63. "Who Lives in a House Like This?" by Hertzan Chimera
64. "Extreme Reindeer Games" by Mark Orr
65. "Home For the Holidays" by Chris Ambrose
66. "Holiday Shopping, After Hours" by Chris Ambrose
67. "Voluntary Duties" by Christopher Winters
68. "Egg Nog" by Chris Ambrose
69. "Santa Meat" by William P. Robertson
70. "Every One" by Mark Orr
71. "A Christmas Story Part 1" by G. W. Thomas
72. "A Christmas Story Part 2" by G. W. Thomas
73. "A Christmas Story Part 3" by G. W. Thomas
74. "A Christmas Story Part 4" by G. W. Thomas
75. "Bete Noir" by Esther Schrader
76. "No Mercy" by Allen McGill
77. "Thanks But No Thanks" by Stephen D. Rogers
78. "Fruits of His Loins" by John R. Platt
79. "Beyond Undead" by Michael Arnzen
80. "When the Ball Drops" by Chris Ambrose



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