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International Award-Winning Author, Publisher, Artist and Critic


Author of:
The Book of the Black Sun
Brothers of Darkness (with William P. Robertson)
Carpooling to Hell
The Executioner & Other Stories
Ghoultide Greetings: Horror Stories for Christmas
Horror Writer/Horror Artist
Night Darkness Coming
Prairie Cemetery

Editor of:
Amazing Heroes
Amazing Heroes 2
The Ghostbreakers: New Horrors (with Danielle Naibert)
The Ghostbreakers: Sinister Sleuths (with Danielle Naibert)
The Ghostbreakers: The Vampire Hunters (with Danielle Naibert)
JULIA, Daughter of...
Kings of the Night 1
Kings of the Night 2
Kings of the Night 3
Murder by Six
Wyrdworm Wood
Shadows in Zambula & Other Tales ofConan
Elder Signs: Stories That Inspired the Cthulhu Mythos
Imperial Gothic: Best Horror Stories of Rudyard Kipling
Magistria: Realm of the Sorcerer

Artist of:
Haunted Melodies and Other Dark Poems (by A. P. Fuchs)
The Night the Lights Went Out in Arkham
The Day Hannah Met Cthulhu (by J. F. Gonzalez)

G. W. Thomas has appeared (or will be appearing ) in:  ad infinitum, Agony in Black, The A-List, Alsirat, Alternate Realities, Alternate Species, The Ancient Track, Anotherrealm, Antipodean SF, Aoife's Kiss, Aphelion, Apocalypse Fiction Magazine, The Armchair Detective, Ascent, Atrocitas Aqua, The Bare Bone Anthology #3, Beyond-SF, Beyond the Borderline, Black October Magazine, Blood Red Rose, Blood Rose, The Bloody Muse, Bonetree, The Bradford Era, Brigit's Temple, Burn Online, Cemetery Poets: Grave Musings, Champagne Shivers, Chiaroscuro, Circuit Traces, Contact, Cranky Dog, Call of Cthulhu's Creature Companion, Cruel World, Cthulhu Cultus, Cthulhu Now!, Dark Animus, Dark Dungeon, Dark Moon Rising, Dark Planet, Dead Celebrities, Death Grip, Decompositions, Demensions, Disenchanted, Down a Dark Hallway, DragonGlass, Dragon Soup, Dread, Dream Forge, The Dream People, Dreams & Nightmares, Dust Devil, Earwig Flesh Factory, Edgar, Eldritch Tales, ERBania, ERBzin-e, Erewhon, Eotu, Expressions, Fables, Fagan, Fantasy Folklore & Fairytales, Fan'Toons, Fear of the Dark, Fiction Factor, Flesh & Blood, Forbidden Texts, For Dickheads Only, frisson, The Gallows, Gathering Darkness, Gauntlet, genrEZONE, Goddess of the Bay, Golden Perils, Gothic Gossip, Gothic.Net, Hadrosaur Tales, Halloween 2.0, The Harrow, The Haunted, High Fantasy Online, Horizons SF,, House of Pain, Ibn Quirtaiba, Imelod, The Inditer, Infinite Distance, The Inflated Graveworm, The Ink Blotter, Jackhammer, Jack the Ripper Digest, Jobs in Hell, Joe Comics, leafing Through, Little Behemoth's Corner, Lix, Longridge Writer's Website, Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine, Lumi Virtuale, Lunar Castles, Luna Whispers, The Mackenzie Times, The Martian Wave, Millennium Science Fiction & Fantasy, Miscellaneous Ramblings, Miss Lucy Westenra Society Of The Undead Newsletter, Moonlicht Nicht, Morbid Musings, The Murder Hole, The Mystery Review, Nefarious, Nethereal, Neverary, Nightscapes, The Night the Lights Went Out in Arkham, Northern Fusion, Nuketown, October Moon, 1280 C Ceramic Art Review, Parchment Symbols, Parlour Papers, The Pedestal, Pegasus Online, Penny Dreadful, Peridot Books, Phantom Fantasy, Phantastes, The Phone Book, Planet Magazine, The Planet Relish, The Poet's Cut, The Poet's Markets 2000, Pulp & Dagger, Quantum Muse, Quicker, Roadworks, Rogue Worlds, The Rose & the Thorn, Roses of Blood, Rutger Hauer's Official website, The Scarlet Peacock Newsletter, Scary! Spooky Tales for the Holidays, Scavenger's Newsletter, Science Fiction Crowsnest, Science Fiction Writer's Market Place and Sourcebook, Serendipity's Circle, SF Crowsnest, Shadow Feast, Shadowkeep, Shadow Voices, Shubb-Niggurath's Fan-Club, sidereality, The Sidewalk Ends, Sinisteria, Space & Time, Spaceways Weekly, Spirithunter, The Steel Caves, Strangewood Tales, Tales of Terror, Tapestry, A Taste for Flesh, Terror Tales, Titan, Twilight Showcase, Twilight Times, Twilight World, Twin Cities Science Fiction & Fantasy, Underworld, Underworlds, The Unspeakable Oath, The Vampire's Crypt, Vampire Dan's Story Emporium, Vandoo, Vivant les Morts, The Wandering Troll, Weird Times, Weird Visions, Wildchild Magazine, Wildclown Chronicles, The Writer, Writer's Digest, The Writing Corner, WriterMelon and The Zone.

Awards & Kudos

"All That You Are" -3rd Place  The Writing Corner "Photo Story" Contest (Oct 99)
"Shipkiller" - nominated in the 1999 Best of the Web Contest
"Waking Dream" - Honorable Mention in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 1999
The Stealer of Names- short-listed for the Robertson Davies Prize
Cover for Northern Fusion #3 - seen in the AOL ad running in Canada in 1999/2000
"Nano-Hunk" - a Zine Guild Award for Best SF Flash Fiction of 1999
"Spitting In Niagara Falls" - 4th place in The Great Canadian Mythos Contest (Imelod) 2001
"The Bells of St. Andrew" - "Best Story" Expressions November 2001
Former Rowrbrazzle member 1983-1988 - Read about it on Wikipedia

What the Critics Say

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